Birth journal

Get your Free birth journal (Janam Kundali)

Kundli is foundation of astrology. Technically speaking, kundli is just a pictorial representation of the heavenly bodies like planets and stars in the sky at a particular date and time. When this date and time is of somebody's birth, it is called Janam Kundli or Birth Chart.

The whole world is running according to a well defined pattern. Nothing happens by chance or luck. These patterns are predefined or arranged in chronological order by the Divine. The person, who knows the art of understanding these patterns, is called as an astrologer.

It indicates that it is only the stars which governs our life and body. For better understanding of your condition, you must be aware about your kundli as it provides a clear picture of your whole life span. Get detailed Janam Kundli with Kundli Matching report in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada using our free online Janam Kundli making software. Just fill your birth details and get complete kundli or birth chart: